'January 8th'

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'October 7th'

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'ART MOUTHS by Gustavo Oviedo and Martin Kreloff'

Project - 129





For the past 2 years I've been working on two marine art videos which are completed and named "South Florida Marine Life" and "Reef Ecosystems of South Florida". My 1970's Run About boat was transformed into a mobile art studio while my scuba gear served as unconventional art tools to create these videos. The two videos feature underwater footage that was captured in South Florida's marine ecosystems which include Molasses Reef, Halfmoon Shipwreck, Rainbow Reef, Emerald Reef, Dry Tortuga, Fowey Rocks, Key Largo, Long Key, Elliott Key and Biscayne Bay. I was able to shoot video of the corals, fish and artificial reefs that I documented in stable shot techniques with original ambient audio. My goal was to capture the environment and marine life in the ecosystems and the impression it had on me through video. I have shared it with viewers via YouTube thru edited five minute pieces and one hour versions of each video for exhibition purposes. It is my plan to revisit these locations which I have charted six to eight years from now to capture new videos and compare the past and present footage.

'Reef Ecosystems of South Florida'

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'Stiltsville's Beer Bottles'

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'In Front of the Marine Stadium - a'

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'October 8th'

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